Weetabix move to flexo

When Cereal manufacturer Weetabix looked to move their flagship brand “Alpen” from Gravure to Flexo they were looking to satisfy a number of key objectives:

1. Reduced packaging costs.
2. Increased flexibility in their packaging development process.
3. Quality equivalent to that achieved with Gravure.

Their confidence in Millers ability to deliver on these targets was based on what they had seen of the use of Miller’s “LiNX” product, which combines the use of the Kodak NX plate with retouching techniques developed by the company.
The project was initiated using Miller UK’s unique “DotMatch” proofing option. The customer attended the proofing session and was very encouraged with the results which came close to their expectations.

Following this, minor adjustments were made to the separations and the decision taken to move the designs to an initial production run.

Weetabix’s Packaging Origination Manager Mark Tyrell attended the run at, long-time Miller customer, Primopost in Buxton.
The results exceeded everyone’s expectations leading Mark to comment in a later press release:
Moving to Miller’s LiNX option we have realised cost savings alongside improvements in lead times with increased flexibility.
This allows us to get packaging changes to the market quicker than before

Weetabix now apply the use of LiNX to a wide range of flexible packaging including catering packs and cereal bars with the range now covering over 50 designs.
Miller now operates Kodak NX in three countries (France, Poland and the UK) with the UK alone having processed in excess of 2000 designs.
It has proved a major benefit in the area of Gravure to Flexo conversion across a wide range of substrates including Carton Board, OPP and Polyethylene.
Screen rulings range from 150 lpi to 240 lpi in the case of several UV based label printers.

Artwork Team Leader Artwork Team Leader

The fact that Miller has a great expertise in the flexo and corrugated printing industry makes them one of our preferred prepress partners

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