Private House Hold & Personal Care products

Mc Bride is Europe’s leading provider of Private Label Household and Personal Care products developing, producing and selling their products to leading national and multinational retailers throughout Europe and beyond.  Mc Bride also undertakes contract manufacturing for national and multinational brand owners.  Active on an international level there are three reportable regions: the UK, Western Europe and the Rest of the World.

The group has over 14 factories in Western Europe and 3 production facilities in South East Asia.

Miller is proud to be one of their prepress suppliers and to assist them in improving the effectiveness of packaging development and to help them increasing the speed to market of their new packaging. Mc Bride is very open to new ideas, concepts or ways to do things better.” Thanks to our Millnet PLS (product lifecycle software) we can easily adapt the prepress workflow exactly to their needs” explains Patrick Deryckere, their Miller Graphics account manager.

“The fact that Miller has a great expertise in the flexo and corrugated printing industry makes them one of our preferred prepress partners” says Artwork Team Leader Kevin Himpe. “Miller integrates our printer suppliers into their Millnet software. Once the desired artwork adaptations are executed and approved Miller produces the correct printer file customized to the specifications of the selected printer.”

For Mc Bride in Estaimpuis (B) alone Miller has over 25 stakeholder printers in our system. Only 30% are Belgian and 40% are French. But we also dispatch print ready files to Spanish, Polish and Turkish printers. The McBride production unit in Estaimpuis (Belgium) is the centre of excellence for laundry liquid development of the group.

Mainly we execute  text and layout changes in the provided artworks. After approval the file proceeds to our repro specialists where tech specs and colour separation are implemented according to the nominated printer and the used printing process. But a total makeover of the artwork on a new dye cut isn’t exceptional either. 

There are clear Standard Levels of Agreements (SLA’s) between both parties and we managed to establish a fixed pricelist so that prepress costs are predictable for each SKU. Our Millnet software keeps track of all amendment cycles which makes invoicing  clear and transparent per reference.  Die cuts, instructions, barcodes, colour separations, ink values, technical printer specs and other assets are all stored and connected with work file.


Household and Personal Care products are submitted to severe regulations and have to comply to technical and legal standards varying per region. With Mc Bride’s very wide range of products in different market regions, it’s always a matter of adapting formulations and icons due to the changing legislation.

Filling facility in Ieper (Belgium)

 “On top of that the recent new European CLP (Classifcation Labelling and Packaging of substances & mixtures) guideline caused a makeover of thousands of our product formulations and classifications. Thereby  a huge number of labels and packaging had to be adapted. We needed prepress partners like Miller Graphics to assist us in adapting big volumes of product files.” Tells us Roeven Maerevoet, printing designer WCE

Blow moulding factory in Bradfort (UK)

New changes into the cosmetics category of products are upcoming and we will be happy to be at McBrides’ service again!

Group Marketing & Innovations Director Group Marketing & Innovations Director

"An accurate and flexible follow up from the Miller Graphics team helped us in adapting the numerous ARDO packagings to the new EU-legislation in a structured and efficient way"