Flexoforum 2016

It's time again for the Miller Flexo Forum in Sunne, Sweden 30th August to September 1st 2016. Our program of events includes a combination of technology, market issues, leadership and entertainment.

Tuesday begins with the yearly Miller Graphics Masters golf tournament, a great afternoon for the golf enthusiast in a very relaxed setting. The evening will continue with our ever popular Get Together and this year DuPont will be the gracious hosts for the evening and they will invite us for drinks and snacks. Take the opportunity to meet colleagues and to exchange information, in a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The flexo industry is an industry under constant change and development. This year it is our pleasure to welcome you to share the information of new technology and developments.

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Here is a brief presentation of some of our speakers:

Jan Eisby at VETAPHONE will guide you through the basics of Corona treatment and the importance of the right dyne level to get a good print, laminating and coating result. He will also introduce you to our new EASI-Plasma technology that provides a wide range of innovative and cost-saving surface properties, such as high and long lasting dyne values on hard-to-treat materials like BOPP and which eliminates the need for use of primer or coating unit. Other obtainable abilities with EASI-Plasma are hydrophobic, hydrophilic or anti-fog surfaces with a 0.001 to 0.050 µ thin coating.

Sofia Kacim, The talent hunt is on - so how do you attract the new generation?
Generation WHY, today's young people, could be the most challenging generation of all time. So how should employers communicate and attract these determined and young talents? Is it with high salaries, gold watches and with a company car? Or is it with visions, personal opportunities and a bigger purpose than just making money? Sofia Kacim will tell us how you can attract the future talents, keep them motivated and how to make them become ambassadeurs for your brand.

Jörgen Oom is specialized in motivation, communication and attitude change. He has experience of motivational work from mainly two fields: sports and business life. From working with mental training and motivational work with top athletes (several olympic gold medalists, Wimbledon winners and top icehockey teams) he has created methods of how to establish winning attitudes and peak performance also in business organzations.
Jörgen Oom has vast practical experience of attitude change after having worked for more than 20 years in more then 40 different countries with more than 300 different companies. 

Miller Impression Award is back, this award will be presented to companies who have produced the highest quality flexo printing during the years of 2014-2016. Bo Wallteg from the packaging magazine Nord Emballage is the Chairman of the jury and will present the winners.

We look forward to seeing you all in Sunne this summer and we hope for an interesting, productive and entertaining few days, and hopefully some nice weather.

See you all in August 2016!

Best regards

Miller Graphics Group
Fredrik Turzik, Mikael Eriksson,
Håkan Nilsson, Klaus Pihl

This year at our ever growing Work Shop; you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from the following companies:

3M, BillerudKorsnäs, Broby Grafiska, Böttcher, Convertec/Uteco, DuPont, EFI, Enigraf, Esko, Flexo Wash, Flint Group Flexographic Products, Glunz & Jensen, Grafisk Rotationsteknik/W&H, KBA-Flexotecnica, Lohmann Tape, Mesansystem, Miller Graphics, nord emballage, Paper Province, PrimeBlade, Sandon Global, SanTeco, Scapa, Siegwerk Ink, Stjärnstans, Tesa Nordic, Webtech/Comexi Group, Vetaphone and X-Rite/Pantone.

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