27-05-2016 Forbes Diamond Award 2016 for Miller Graphics Poland

On the 24th May 2016, during the gala organized in Poznań by the monthly magazine Forbes, Czesław Warsewicz – Managing Director of Miller Graphics Poland, received Forbes Diamond – an award for companies that have been most successful in increasing their value for recent years. The ceremony was attended by Miller Graphics Group’s President, Kenth Larsson.
The award has a special importance in year 2016. Exactly 25 years ago the late Stanisław Szymański founded Reproserwis - a company that soon became one of the most innovative and successful flexographic prepress companies in Poland. Moreover, this year Kenth Larsson is going to retire. There were Stanisław Szymański, Håkan Thorell and Kenth Larsson who in 2011 finalized the full integration of Reproserwis and Miller Graphics, becoming thus authors of Miller Graphics Poland’s success. The distinction is a confirmation of the constant, dynamic development of the company, achieved due to the commitment and hard work of all the staff.