14-12-2017 Flexostars 2017: Miller Graphics still sailing ahead at Saint-Malo !

The years are flying and are still successful for Miller Graphics which was the most awarded repro-house at the last ATF Congress for the 5th year in a row !

After the congress, the 31th Ceremony of Flexostars took place to award the best flexo printings of the year. Miller Graphics won 11 of the 31 granted awards and the  “Super Flexostar” printed by DS Smith Packaging. The printing of this design has been made with Miller I-Flex® plates and the special screening that Miller has developed.

Congratulations to the Miller Graphics teams in France ! Each French site (Limoges, Beauvais and Avignon) has been awarded with at least 2 Flexostars which shows not only a high, but also a consistent and balanced, quality level throughout the organization on every substrate: corrugated, paper, film and label.