08-05-2015 Management Team Meeting in Wierzenica

Situated among fields and forests, a charming manor – house that in the old times belonged to Cieszkowskis family of noble descent, for one sunny day became a meeting point for business and recreation of the managers. Work was interchanged with some entertainment – multimedia presentation and discussions belonged to the "serious" content of the meeting, whereas an outdoor game of pétanque, pool billiards in the evening and wine tasting during a dinner created the "light" part of the day.

The managing director, Czesław Warsewicz presented his conception of development and management system of the company.The questions raised during the meeting were as follows:

1. Analysis of data regarding historical development of the company.

2. Discussion of the employee survey.

3. Evaluation of the current market situation and our action plan for the nearest future.

4. Some necessary organizational changes concerning more flexible customer service in order to meet constantly changing expectations of customers.

5. Long-term strategic goals for the nearest 5 and 10 years.

Night spent in the peaceful surrounding of the old park, with historical spirit of the local patriots from the 18 th century and the social activists of the past, brought an excellent regeneration of intellectual and physical strength of the participants. They concordantly admitted that such meetings of both business and recreation character ought to become a regular practice, performed at least once a year.