07-01-2016 Peak performance for Miller Graphics at the ATF congress in Chamonix

On the 10th of December 2015, the ATF (French Flexo Association) held its 17th Congress in Chamonix (French Alps). The theme of the congress was Packaging Innovation and Sustainibility. This theme allowed very interesting discussions from equipment suppliers and printers and all the participants gained new insights from this experience. 

After the congress, the 29th Ceremony of Flexostars took place to award the best flexo printings of the year. Miller Graphics won 14 of the 34 granted awards and the 3 highest awards for best printing : “Super Flexostar “ and “Prix du Jury Technique” with Tourtel Twist printed by France-Flexo (photo 1) and “Prix du Jury Artistique” with K by KRONENBOURG printed par France Flexo located near Paris. Miller Graphics was the most awarded repro-house at the last ATF Congrès for the 3rd year in a row !

Mr Jensen, managing director of Christiansen in Germany, a well-known corrugated company, owner of France-Flexo, attended to this event because it’s the first time in the history of the Flexostars awards that one single printer is winning the 3 highest awards !
Miller Graphics did the same peak performance for the second time in a row !

Congratulations to the Miller Graphics teams in France ! Each French site (Limoges, Beauvais and Avignon) has been awarded with at least 2 Flexostars which shows not only a high, but also a consistent and balanced, quality level throughout the organization.

The Flexostars awards have been won in different categories of printing jobs, mainly :
-Post-print corrugated board
-Pre-print corrugated board
-Films (photo 2)

Photo 1





























Photo 2