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Proactive Brand Protection

The Digimarc Brand Integrity solution combines digital authentication methods with crowdsourced information for new insights through data analysis, empowering a more proactive approach to brand protection.

Benefits of using Digimarc barcodes

Product Authentication

Ensure the consumer your product is the real thing.


Consumer information and efficiency in recycling plants.


Scan the package, improve consumer experience and easy checkout in stores.

Connected print

Connect your printed magasin to your webshop by a quick scan by the mobile.


Providing unique, serialised identities to support traceability through the entire value chain.

Physical & Digital Brand Protection for Multiple Applications

With digital watermarks, the Digimarc barcode delivers brand protection technology that can be applied to online images, individual items, and to primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging to confirm credibility.

Apply Digimarc barcode to products and packaging to allow brand inspectors and consumers to easily authenticate genuine items by using mobile devices. Digimarc watermarks are easily added to digital images to quickly identify the authenticity and rightful ownership of digital assets used across online ecosystems.

By serialization, you get a perfect protection against anti-counterfeit.

Making Plastics Easily Recyclable

Innovations in recycling processes are needed to ensure valuable resources remain in circularity and out of landfills. Improve the sustainability and functionality of your packaging with Digimarc barcode, a powerful digital identity for more accurate recyclability of plastics and other materials.

Consumer Brands

By applying Digimarc identities to your packaging you ensure to be ready for online sorting of the packaging waste in the sorting line.

Your brand also benefits from a powerful communication tool that enables you to convey recycling information to consumers or deliver unique digital experiences that strengthen customer loyalty. Initiate a digital dialogue with shoppers in stores, at home or on the go.

Recycling Industry

The recycling industry and materials recovery facilities will enjoy enhanced material separation with Digimarc-powered packaging.

The barcode provides accurate identification for even the most challenging materials, including black plastics, and new packaging types.

Detailed segregation at the recovery level creates new value, increasing profitability and enables plastics to go to the highest and best use.

Product Stewardship

Organisations can promote greater circularity by encouraging consumer brands to embrace digital watermarks for enhanced recovery and sustainability.

Aiding legislative goals in labeling and mandatory recycled content, particularly for food, non-food, personal care and similar products.

Powerful connected packaging

The barcode contains the same data as EAN symbols and carry similar information to QR and DataMatrix codes. The barcode is a seamless element of the packaging artwork itself, discretely doing for your brand than visible codes can.

Easy Checkout

Packaging with Digimarc Barcode makes detection with retail handheld and fixed scanners easier. Cashiers don’t need to search for a UPC barcode, which speeds the checkout process, reduces repetitive motion injuries and frees cashiers to talk more with shoppers.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Digimarc Barcode can contain data beyond the GTIN or SKU number, allowing for more accurate supply chain management. High-speed inspection systems that identify Digimarc Barcode become more effective at matching, filling, and tracking parts.

More Product Information

The barcode allows store associates to get up-to-date inventory information and communicate accurately and quickly to shoppers the availability of a particular product by just a quick scan with their mobile device.

Drive action and trigger sales with connected print

Take your business to the next level with interactive print powered by the Digimarc Platform. Deliver digital content directly to readers for greater engagement, higher conversions and improved insights.

Activate Your At-Home And In-Store Print

The Digimarc Platform seamlessly connects retail catalogues and large format materials, such as in-store displays, to digital content. Retailers, printers and other businesses can deliver social media, videos and offers directly to consumers’ mobile devices, and better understand the effectiveness of print campaigns with unprecedented data about readers’ interactions.

Omnichannel Integration

By linking your print and digital channels with Digimarc, you’ll drive mobile commerce and support an omnichannel experience that meets consumers’ needs anytime and anywhere.

Digitise Your Media

Digimarc provides several tools for digitising any printed material. Flexible tools address the needs from Adobe users to Esko-based workflows. Digimarc tools can handle projects at any scale.

Serialisation for the Supply Chain

Digimarc barcode provides unique, serialized identities on product packaging via several printing techniques to support consumer brand traceability initiatives.

Accountability and reduced risk

Product traceability across the global supply chain is increasingly essential for consumer brands and food manufacturers to promote consumer safety and gain real-time insight into product locations in warehouses and distribution centers. The Digimarc barcode supports these business needs with batch-lot and item-level traceability by applying serialised or custom identifiers and additional data, to product packaging with variable data printing.

Improved First-Pass Read Rates

Many warehouse and distributions centres look into automate their processes. Identifying items on the first pass is critical to accurate, real-time, automated decision making. Applying Digimarc identities to containers provides a larger area to scan for improved read rates.

Faster Scanning

In many businesses, manual scanning using handheld devices is critical to efficient operations. To have fast, successful scanning is crucial and can affect the entire supply chain if not working properly.

Sustainability Starts Now

The Digimarc code provides digital watermarks on different packagings that can contribute to the circular economy by reducing waste, increasing traceability or improving recyclability.
Miller Graphics can help making your packages more powerful by adding the digital watermark to your artwork for enhanced recovery and sustainability.

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”Digimarc Barcode technology turns colours into codes, creating connected packaging designs. In today’s digital marketplace, a beautiful package design must also be hyperfunctional.”

Try Scanning Digimarc for Yourself

Use the Digimarc Discover app to experience how Digimarc-enhanced media can deliver a wide range of benefits, including traceability, brand protection, efficiency, and more.

Download the free Digimarc Discover app (iOS/Android) that scans Digimarc-activated print as well as traditional UPC/EAN barcodes and QR codes:

The example packages carries a GTIN (global trade identification number), typically found in EAN/UPC barcodes.
Scan with Digimarc Discover and tap the card that appears.

Box with digimarc barcode to scan

Connect your package or print today!

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