Milltape is our collection of double-sided tapes in film and foam for the flexographic printing process and provides a rang of technical tapes for the mounting process. 

The mounting tapes plays an important role in the flexographic printing process. It keeps the plate on the printing cylinder, sleeve or carrier sheet. The main goal is to compensate for thickness variations since thickness variations greatly influence the print quality and print machine performance in a negative way. When making the choice for the correct tape, there are a number of things to take in consideration: 

  • Registration
  • Machine speed
  • Photopolymer used
  • Printed dot size
  • Ink density and ink laydown
  • Pressure adjustment in the machine

Are you printing fine process works with highlights and fine lines, pick a soft tape. If you are printing solids, lines and large fonts with high ink coverage a hard tape is most likely your best choice. We can help in selecting the solution that is best suited for your printing press to ensure you get the best printing result every time to the right cost.