With i-Flex Miller Graphics creates printing solutions for optimum quality,control & increased productivity

Knowledge and accuracy

Miller Graphics continuously educate staff to develop the highest standard of prepress work, always using the latest, most up to date techniques available.

The best for your operation

Miller Graphics offers a wide range of tested solutions including advanced techniques for instance for screen, test printing and printing plates. After conducting specific decisive test printings and analysis in combination with consultations we will together optimize your printing processes. By incorporating modern technology and measurable improvements in quality and efficiency, i-FLEX will help stimulate your company's development and competitiveness:

  • CTP technology
  • Advanced printing plate technology (e.g. Esko HD Flexo and Kodak NX)
  • Proofing solutions
  • Optimized screen techniques

Optimizing printing production

As there are many parameters which must work in unison in a printing process where some components may react very differently depending on how they are combined, achieving and understanding of the entire process requires structure and methods which have been tried and tested. 

Owner of Vandeweghe Flexo Printing Owner of Vandeweghe Flexo Printing

"Miller Graphics is a real 'preferred prepress partner': We use their one-stop-shopping principle from artwork over repro to photopolymer print forms and more..."

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