Starting from a cad file, design draft or a photographed product.


Only your imagination sets the limits for how we can create the model of your product. Positioning, scaling, combinations, materials.


Choose if you want a still image or an animated 3D model, a myriad of angles can be made for different purposes.

3D visualisation

Advanced software and an exceptional team of experts create photographic quality digital imagery and optimise the value of your digital data.
Once in our system your artwork is easily re-purposed into truly beautiful imagery for a wide range of applications.

3D visuals can be created long before your product has actually been produced. Very useful in the development phase and no need to create physical mockups or prototypes anymore to start marketing your product.

Passion Bottles Springwater

Endless options

Once a 3D image is created, it can be rendered in any angle and light setting of choice. Hard to achieve with traditional photography.

Automover on diffrent surface

Quickly select different surfaces

Glossy, matt, pattern, hairy... the list for options quickly becomes long.

Lounge chair in diffrent material

3D makes it easier to experiment

One single model easily transformed to be displayed in different colours and materials. Adding new details is… just a detail.

”3D visualisation will improve speed to market, reduce costs and help you to maximise the potential from your digital asset.”

3D Animation

As the world evolves and consumers interact through multiple devices across multiple platforms the need to capture the consumers attention is proving more and more difficult.

Miller Graphics 3D solutions team can add dynamism, character, movement and sound to your 3D asset – all of which help to create true consumer engagement.

Show your product in diffrent angles

Creating possibilities for turning and rotating your product freely.
Try it yourself, drag your mouse on the image.

Augment Reality (AR)

3D Animation & SFX

Enhanced Video Playback

Price Promotion

Social Media

Interactive Content


MG Augment allows you to link all your powerful digital content to your physical package.

As the viewable space on packaging becomes ever more crowded – augmented reality creates a wide range of creative possibilities.

Imagine the ability to directly link to “how to use” product movies or delightful new recipes or even information about related products or services to drive further sales.

The potential is endless.

A new way for your devices to be helpful

MG Augment will further enhance your brand appeal and create a fascinating three-dimensional experience for your consumers. Display your product in an real time enviroment.

ar viewer icon on mobile

AR in action - try on the glasses!

Open our website on your mobile device to view the glasses on your own face. Just click the little viewer icon that appears in your device.

Safe and secure 3D rendering

3D rendering is what gives life to your 3D models and creates that photoreal feeling. 3D rendering is one of the final steps in 3D visualization.
We safeguard our customers brands and product safety, we perform all our rendering in our local rendering farm with powerful processors that safeguards an optimal visualisation of the customers products.

Are you getting excited about 3D yet?

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