Atom Millnet – a workflow and content management system

Atom Millnet is an advanced software and integrated digital prepress platform that help printers optimize operations by automating processes.
Atom Millnet offers a robust, streamlined and fully configurable workflow platform for fast collaboration, transparency, productivity, quality and connectivity.

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A key strength of Millnet is its configurability

With the benefit to quickly implement the features and functions that bring the greatest value to your processes, creating customised solutions for the unique needs of your business.

We understand that within businesses ‘one size’ does not ‘fit all’ and the user experience can be entirely customised to provide the most streamlined and secure experience.

Extra modules

Atom Millnet has a base module and the following add on modules to make the system even more useful.

Workflow & Approvals

Workflow management and Approval Online.

Artwork Online

Empowering you to easily create artwork in minutes.

Content Management

Store links and texts directly to your artwork.

Web to Plate

Automatic production of plates from your uploaded file

Reports & Dashboard

Delivering powerful KPI’s and custom reports to drive your business.

Workflow & Approvals

Manage jobs and workflows online by a range of tools including creating job briefs, structured workflows, automated tasks and history control while managing several jobs simultaneously. A sophisticated approval system enabling collaboration in a structure approach.

  • Job control provides structured job briefing.
  • Manage approval cycles in a collaborative platform:
    • Control of revisions, approval versions, variants, history, etc.
    • Online Approval – invite multiple stakeholders to comment, approve and reject artwork files.
  • Customised key-fields allow accurate categorization and search.
  • Discussion and chat – on any job initiate, invite to chat and close with a decision when needed.
  • Powerful and intuitive workflow canvas allows simple or extremely sophisticated processes to be supported.

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Artwork Online

Enables you to create your own artwork in minutes!
A simple, fast, cost-effective method of creating and extending ranges of packaging artwork in a logical and secure way.

Artwork Online can be used to amend texts, colours, complex graphic elements, images and even barcodes within an approved artwork template. This guarantees consistency and accuracy, and crucially also saves time and money.
Users can be empowered to new artworks and brand guidelines are applied automatically. The text, colours and images are applied to the template and are instantly available online, therefore range extensions can be ready almost immediately, reducing lead times from weeks to minutes.

Content Management

Content Management has been developed to support the collection, collation and validation of data for packaging and related processes.
Integrated with our Workflow and Artwork Online modules it provides a powerful mechanism for delivering approved content directly onto packaging artwork, drastically reducing rework cycles and associated time and costs.
The system allows you to store product/item specific data collected via Content Management. Product data can be related in sophisticated ways, using masters and parent products to allow data inheritance, enabling you to perform extremely efficient and accurate data updates across your product portfolio.

  • Integration – built in comprehensive import/export functionality allowing you to integrate with existing systems.
  • GS1 compliant - your content compliant from the start!
  • Multi update - efficiently manage master and parent items to update your product data.
  • Master data – can act as a master data system that feeds other systems after approval.
  • Workflow - by using the workflow module connected to Content Management you can control who does what and the sequence by setting up custom workflow.

Web to Plate

Web to plate is a service allowing you to upload a graphic file to our web portal Atom Millnet for automated production of plates making files. This without any intervention on our part, apart from the actual engraving production of the plate or the sleeve. 

This service is for you who have the file ready and have a need to purchase printing plates and sleeves only.

Reports & Dashboard

One of the key benefits of upgrading from document driven processes to the Atom systems is the ability to quicky and accurately extract data into meaningful reports.

Fixed Suite
We have a fixed suite of reports to choose from. These are easily enabled for new customers and give a great initial overview of data in each system.

Custom Reports
With the flexible and configurable system, the reporting is too! We can build custom reports to display exactly the data you need for your reporting or KPIs, to fit your company’s needs.

A single interface where all your reporting needs and KPIs are collected together, empowering you to make fast and informed decisions.

Data can be quickly and easily be exported in a range of formats of your need for further analysis.

Key characteristics and features


Always available 7/24/365.


Canvas for sophisticated process of your graphical workflow.


Use chat and text options to easily communicate amends, saved for traceability.

Online approval

Dynamically creating approval cycles based on rules specified to your project management process.


Customised setup through a broad range of configurations tool.


Advanced automation tools for graphic file processing.


Easily integrate with other systems.

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